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One of my favorite contemporary orchestral pieces, Gondwana, (1980) by Tristan Murail. It was composed through a faddish electronic technique called spectral analysis, which was used to stratify and orchestrate short sounds, in this case, those of a trombone and a bell. The effect is supposed to evoke the sound of continents shifting, and is named after the primordial supercontinent (Gondwana) that made up the majority of what is now the southern hemisphere.

The result is a kind of glossy, burlesque orchestral splatter that I find really entrancing. Murail is one of those composers like Xenakis who enshrouds his artistry in a bunch of science to show off and get acclaim, but I like him anyway. I guess calling your piece a “tone poem” doesn’t exactly make it rain benjamins from the Ivy endowments…enjoy!

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Marcel Dadi - La Marcellaise

(A) Am I a cheesy mofo or (B) is this effin’ GOOD or (C) both?

I think the answer is (C).

I want to learn more about him.  Here’s the Wikipedia article on him:

Marcel Dadi (20 August 1951 – 17 July 1996) was a Tunisian-born Jewish French guitarist known for his finger-picking style which faithfully recreated the instrumental styles of American guitarists such as Chet AtkinsMerle Travis and Jerry Reed. He became a personal friend of country star Chet Atkins.

Born in Sousse, Dadi released several LPs and some instructional videos before his early death. His recordings featured a mix of compositions by his American heroes and original compositions of his own in a similar style. A feature of his early LPs was that they included a tablature booklet, allowing guitarists to learn the tunes for themselves. Dadi often recorded tunes dedicated to his friends, such as “Roger Chesterfield,” dedicated to Roger C. Field with whom he first went to Nashville in 1975 to visit Chet Atkins.

Dadi died when N93119, the Boeing 747 on TWA Flight 800, exploded off the coast of Long Island.[1]He was returning from the United States to France after being honored at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. He is buried in JerusalemIsrael.

Mysterious Skin (Gregg Araki, 2004)
So good!

Mysterious Skin (Gregg Araki, 2004)

So good!


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this means my whole life. fruits are everything to me, when i remember i’m lucky to have 5 types of banana at my disposal, i know i was born in the right place.
except for the jaca (refusing to translate jaca, it’s so grandpa in the northeast eating an entire one on the road by himself - awesome story, btw)



Brower Park, Brooklyn, NY

Brower Park, Brooklyn, NY



Felt - I Worship the Sun

One of my favorites…

Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever

Sounds so much like Felt!  Wow!  (Will post some Felt later.)

Today I shall indulge in health.

Today I consider the idea that there may be nothing that makes a person more beautiful than a desire to bring joy… a wish to be of service… an intention to refrain from doing harm… a compassionate and loving heart…
— Karen Jandorf


Artist: The Byrds

Song: Have You Seen Her Face

Album: Younger Than Yesterday

Marcel Dadi - Fingers Crossing